Personality Traits
Each of us is born with certain personality traits. Just look at your own family and your siblings. Even though children have identical parents and grow up in the same house, they can be very different. We have quirks about the food we eat, ‘I can’t eat bananas; they're slimy, or I hate raisins they’re wrinkled.’ Each of us comes with our own particular thoughts, idea and opinions.

Could our color choices be also reflective of our personality? As you choose the color for your home, consider the following primary colors and their connection to certain personalities.

The three primary colors are red, yellow and blue. They are called primary because all the other colors are made by combining them.

The color red is normally connected to people who are considered dominant, and having intimidating personalities. They move forcefully through life while seeking challenges and are as a rule willing to ‘stand up for what they believe’. Reds instinctively see the future and take steps necessary to do what needs to be done. The expressions, ‘lead, follow or get out of the way' suits the red personality.

If you’re a red, you will probably want to see more of it in your house. Since both, you and the color stand out, it might be wise to use it sparingly. Accent pillows in red will brighten up any room. Many Feng Shui practitioners recommend that all front doors should be painted red.

Feng Shui considers red to be the color of energy and fire representing the energy of the sun and life. If this is your color, it will bring joy and excitement to your life.  Like red, yellow carries the energy of the sun but in a gentler way then red. In large quantities, it is easier to live with them red. It’s been said to help people think and create, making it a great color for your office.
If yellow is your color, then you are considered fun loving. Yellow is connected to the wind and fresh air. Yellows are high spirited, excited and are innately happy. They are also considered lucky and have a good time no matter what they are doing. They love excitement and the company of others so their house should reflect the openness of their feelings. Yellows can be very inspirational and charming for all those around them. Yellow, like red, carries the energy of the sun making it an exciting color.  It is also said to support creative and thinking activities making it a great color for your office.

The final primary color is blue. You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘true blue.’ Blue is considered the role model for building meaningful relationships and connections. Those liking blue are considered loyal and whatever they commit to they are successful. They also live for passion and loved being involved in activities that will cause a change. Light blue furthermore, connotes soft growth and harmony and dark blue conjures the deep serenity and calm of Feng Shui colors. Light blue furthermore, connotes soft growth and harmony and dark blue conjures the deep serenity and calm of Feng Shui colors.

The lighter shades of blue are considered calming and are good ceiling colors. Blues combined with white bring the sky bringing happiness to your home.