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Carpet Cleaning Is a Core Enterprise at Texas Flooring Professionals

Texas Flooring Professionals' started with cleaning carpets. Back in 1998, Texas Flooring Professionals started as a commercial carpet cleaning business. The company has expanded, but the professional carpet cleaning division still is the go-to service for residences and commercial properties in Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and New Braunfels.
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Carpet Cleaning Revitalizes an Essential Element of Home Décor

Just as you don't wax the furniture or polish the floors every day, having your carpets cleaned is an as-needed adjunct to vacuuming. The fibers in rugs and carpets trap airborne particles of dirt and odor, as well as the more mundane pet, beverage and food stains that a vacuum leaves behind. Carpet cleaning removes these blights, freshening and brightening the flooring.

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If allergies or respiratory problems are a concern, carpet cleaning removes embedded pet dander, dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. The cleaning solution used by Texas Flooring Professionals leaves no film or irritating residue. Carpets cleaned with the solution are safe for children and pets.

Carpet Cleaning is Economical

By removing the embedded dirt and grit in a carpet, the carpet fibers - area rugs, broadloom, throw rugs and upholstery are part of this category - stay intact and last longer. It is certainly more economical to have your carpets commercially cleaned a couple of times a year rather than replacing them.

From having one of our Texas Flooring Professionals' carpet care experts come to your home to give you a quote, to the end result of a lustrous clean carpet, your preferences and schedule drive the service. We take pride in keeping to the agreed upon schedule that you have signed off on.

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To make an in-home appointment with a carpet cleaning expert call us at 512-296-9613, or email us at Please remember, you are always welcome at our new showroom located at 3709 Promontory Point Drive Bldg. A#105n in Austin.

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