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Refinish and Renew Your Tired Hardwood Floors

Refinishing your hardwood floors makes sense, because a skilled and meticulous renewal is economical and adds value to your home. Texas Flooring Professionals unlocks the luster and beauty the lies beneath scuffed, timeworn hardwood floors. When the top layer of hardwood flooring is sanded, beat-up treatments, stains and scratches from pets or heavy furniture disappear. What you're left with is an even, smooth surface ready to accept stains and protective coatings.
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Texas Flooring Professionals' hardwood floor refinishing service is a savvy and practical solution. From start to finish, our trained and skilled craftsmen bring new life to your hardwood flooring. Prepping, sanding and applying the durable surface treatments are accomplished on schedule, disrupting your life as little as possible. You'll be amazed how your refinished hardwood floors look like newly installed floors.

Final Finishes Protect the Flooring for Years to Come

A professionally applied final floor finish highlights and protects the beauty of the hardwood for years to come. Your surface be without bubbles, brush marks or patches. Some finishes can be applied and the floor is ready to be walked in the next day, some take longer to cure.

Our flooring professionals can produce the hardwood floor of your dreams -- just give us a call. The range of hardwood refinishing products is daunting. Texas Flooring Professionals gives you the guidance and confidence to bring your hardwood flooring back to life. We provide floor hardwood floor refinishing in Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and New Braunfels.

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Since 1998 Texas Flooring Professionals has provided high-quality and reasonably priced flooring and services. We are confident that our expertise and experience in refinishing will refresh your hardwood floors and add value to your home.

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